Regarding the Fix . . .

The more one looks at the Barr letter concerning the Mueller report, the more one is convinced that there is something exceedingly fishy going on. Let us count the reasons why: For one thing, the Barr letter is filled with what William Saletan properly calls “weasel words.” Read the whole thing, as they say, but the conclusion Saletan reaches is striking and accurate: When we get our hands on Mueller’s report—and ultimately, Mueller’s evidence—we’ll have a fuller picture of what he found. We know from Barr’s letter that in the report, Mueller “sets out evidence on both sides” of the…

And Now, a Hopefully-Not Ridiculously Quick Take on the Barr Letter about the Mueller Report

William Barr has released his summary of the Mueller report to Congress. The two big takeaways from the letter are as follows: Concerning the question on whether “the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election,” the Barr letter states (quoting from the Mueller report—which we have not yet seen) that “[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” Concerning the issue of obstruction of justice, Barr writes that “[t]he Special…

A Ridiculously Quick Take on the Mueller Report

Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report has finally been released to the Department of Justice, and thus far, the item on which people are focusing the most is the apparent fact that Mueller has recommended no further indictments. This little bit of news has apparently caused “glee” in the White House, which believes that “this was a great day for America and we [Trumpkins—ed.] won.” I recognize that in Trumpland, coherent thoughts are not exactly commonplace events, but this may represent a new low in Trumpian cogitation . . . at least for the next five minutes or so. I suppose that…

Of Course Trumpkins Are Latter-Day Chekists. Of Course They Are.

Since June 16, 2015, when Donald Trump announced for the presidency, America has been inundated with a veritable cascade of Trumpian awfulness. The outrageous behavior–consisting of multiple forms of bigotry, outright ignorance on the part of the president and his minions, complete incompetence, blatantly unpatriotic behavior and appalling corruption–has come to the public’s attention at a fast and furious clip, and it is important, of course, not to be numbed to the awfulness; each instance of reprehensible conduct, each individual corrupt act deserves condemnation and ought to infuriate decent people. But while I am sure that the subject of this…

The Good and “You’ve Got to Be Kidding” of John Bolton

Now that John Bolton is going to be Donald Trump’s third national security adviser in a little over a year(!), it behooves us to consider what we might expect during Bolton’s tenure. The position of national security adviser is exceptionally influential–especially given the recent tendency over the span of several administrations to concentrate significant amounts of foreign and national security policymaking powers in the White House, with policy direction flowing out to various cabinet departments and executive agencies. So, what awaits us when Bolton occupies the post?

Movie Review: “The Death of Stalin”

I suppose it is worth stating anew the observation and fact that few–if any–movies actually tell a historical tale in what can be called a faithful manner. Such is the case with The Death of Stalin, which, while unfaithful to historical facts, shows laudable fidelity to stating and underlining a higher truth: The so-called “leaders” of authoritarian and totalitarian societies are as comical, ridiculous and pathetic as they are monstrous, evil and depraved, and to defeat them, it is imperative that we identify them as the buffoons that they are, and mock them accordingly–even as we gape in horror at…

Defining Deviancy Down

So, at the end of the 1986-1987 Supreme Court term, Associate Justice Lewis Powell decided to retire from the Court. Accordingly, Justice Powell submitted his resignation letter to President Reagan. The president nominated Judge Robert Bork to replace Powell. Bork got voted down 58-42 by the United States Senate, the first Senate rejection of a Supreme Court nominee since Judge Harold Carswell’s nomination by President Nixon went down in flames. Afterwards, President Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy, the Senate confirmed him, and the rest is history, right?

Donald Trump and the Lost (or Never Possessed) Art of the Deal

Because the incumbent president of the United States regularly inundates us with boasts about how he is supposedly a clever and masterful negotiator–notwithstanding the overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting that as with other claimed skills, the incumbent president of the United States suffers massively from a severe and pronounced case of the Dunning-Kruger effect when it comes to gauging his negotiating skills–I figured that it might be useful to think back to a time when actual artists of the deal made a rather good deal that many thought was impossible to pull off. That time was during the presidency of Ronald Reagan…

Wanted: A Pro-Life Movement that Is Actually Pro-Life, and a Morality Police that Is in Favor of More than Just a Selective Application of Morality

Today, the National March for Life was held. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, that is the day when purportedly pro-life people don’t come out for increased sex education and/or increased distribution of contraceptive devices–approaches which may actually help bring down the number of unexpected and unwanted pregnancies, and relatedly, the number of abortions that occur in America.

The Trump Administration Is More Incompetent than You Can Possibly Imagine, Even after Taking into Account the Fact that the Trump Administration Is More Incompetent than You Can Possibly Imagine

I suppose that it is a healthy sign for me that I continue to be amazed by the blundering, mistake-prone, disaster-inducing ways of the current administration; my constant state of disbelief and shock may indicate that my standards for competence, organization and professionalism have not been diminished. Then again, the fact that my standards–and those of others–are repeatedly being run roughshod by the worst president and administration in American history, and only the most deluded of Trump supporters (but is there anything other than a deluded Trump supporter?) can possibly think that this is a good thing.