To Link Is Divine

. . . these are a few of my favorite things.

–Maria von Trapp, The Sound of Music.

Treasure Troves of General Knowledge

Statistical Abstract of the United States


The Word Spy


The CIA World Factbook


The Online Books Page


Philosophy Pages

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Philosophers’ Magazine

Ask Philosophers


The Philosophers’ Annual

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Philosophers’ Imprint

Philosophy Talk

High Culture

WFMT (simply the best classical music station in the country)

Arts & Letters Daily


The BBC (you can get it without tax on the Internet. For the moment, anyway . . .)

BBC World Service

The Drudge Report (aggregation, aggregation, aggregation)

Memeorandum (aggregation . . . oh, you know the rest)

Google News

NPR (the center-right gives it a bad rap; it is, in fact, an excellent news service. Ignore the bias in some of the reports–it isn’t hard!–and you will consistently find National Public Radio to be tremendously valuable)

Chicago Public Radio (my beloved local NPR station)

The New York Times (here’s hoping that it will improve)

The Financial Times (simply the best newspaper out there, along with . . .)

The Economist (kudos both to it, and to the FT)

The Wall Street Journal (money, money, money)

The Washington Post (better than the NYT these days)

The Guardian (I guess I’m just kind of fond of it)

Stay in School

The Chronicle of Higher Education

American Scientist

New Scientist

Scientific American


Read Like A Snob

The Boston Review

The New Yorker

The New Criterion

The Claremont Review of Books

The New York Review of Books

The London Review of Books

The Paris Review

The Jewish Review of Books

Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs (I really need to read this more often)

Foreign Policy (Ditto)

My Sports Gods

The Chicago Bears (love that T-formation)

The Chicago Bulls (striving to bring back the hardware that Jordan & Co. won)

The Chicago Blackhawks (June 9, 2010: A date which will be long remembered)

The Chicago Cubs (please God, let them win one World Series before I die of old age)

Chelsea (battling the evil minions of Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal)

Those Who Can’t Play Offer Commentary

Baseball Prospectus (telling the baseball future with stats and numbers)

Football Outsiders (introducing sabermetrics to football, and vice versa)

Links of Generally Awesome Awesomeness

Neil Gaiman

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

A Dictionary of the English Languageby Samuel Johnson

McSweeney’s (these people are of the funny)

The Onion (now a classic)

Calvin and Hobbes (Watterson is a god)

Monty Python (is this the right link for a televised argument?)

The Far Side (“Then a miracle occurs!”)

XKCD (In which geeks show that they can be funny and profound)

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