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Uber and UberX Help People Get Jobs

Here is the story. And here is the part where I ask (again) why it is that so many protectionists are willing to try to sabotage Uber and UberX, and by extension, sabotage the lives of those who depend on Uber and UberX to put food on the table and a roof over their heads and the heads of their loved ones.

Seattle’s City Council Fails Its Constituents

I don’t know what possessed Seattle’s city council to side with the taxicab cartel instead of siding with the residents of the city, but I do know that the move is utterly unjustified, goes against the interests of the residents of the city, and makes a mockery of free market competition. I can only hope that the city’s mayor will veto this awful legislation, but regardless of what happens, there are a whole bunch of politicians who need to be put out of work once the next citywide election rolls around. Oh, and this is reprehensible: There is also some…

Uber, Traditional Taxicabs and the Failure of Regulation

Read Larry Downes’s comparison of UberX to a traditional metered cab, and you will readily understand why the following is happening: So traditional taxi and limo services are responding the only way they know how to—by using legal challenges and regulatory obstacles to block or even ban the services.  In some cities, including Portland and Miami, they have so far been successful.  In other locations, including the District of Columbia the start-ups have managed to deploy their fanatical customers to help put pressure on local regulatory boards to reverse earlier bans. What started out as a fight over price and…