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This Is What Dereliction of Duty Looks Like

I urge everyone to read this horrifying account of how the Obama administration learned of Russian active measures that were designed to disrupt the 2016 presidential election and to throw the election to Donald Trump, whom the Russians have long seen as far friendlier to their interests and designs. I won’t excerpt anything from the story; just read it all, and be prepared to be deeply angry. A combination of fear, excessive confidence in Hillary Clinton’s electoral appeal and an inability to confront Republicans at the state and national level who are equally complicit in having ensured that Russian interference in…

Democrats Should Hold the Gorsuch Nomination Hostage

Judge Neil Gorsuch is a genuinely outstanding jurist, who would be a superb addition to the United States Supreme Court. All Americans can and should be deeply proud that his intellect, his devotion to scholarship, and his fidelity to original public meaning jurisprudence has brought him to this extraordinary moment in his career and his life. I greatly respect his ability, his jurisprudential philosophy, and his character, which by all accounts is beyond reproach. I suppose this sounds as though I am putting aside my Never-Trumpism for a moment and supporting the Trump administration in its nomination of Judge Gorsuch.…

The Worst Possible Inaugural Address, By the Worst Possible President

Donald Trump is now the president of the United States, and on his very first day, with his very first speech, he has managed to redraw the picture of America to which we are used. Before Trump, we were accustomed to an America that engaged the world with confidence and strength. An America willing to trade with the world, understanding that trade is not a zero-sum game. An America that not only honored its alliances, but ensured that its allies would never have any reason to doubt American resolve. An America with problems–because no nation is without problems–but one that…

Merrick Garland and the United States Supreme Court

Before getting into the meat of this post, let me state the following: The president of the United States has every right to nominate someone to the United States Supreme Court, despite the fact that this is an election year. The United States Senate has every right not to act on the nomination, and no constitutional obligation whatsoever to actually hold hearings or have a vote. The above having been written, I believe that the United States Senate should–barring the revelation of any skeletons in Merrick Garland’s closet–confirm his nomination as an associate justice of the United States. Here is…

More Problems with Obamacare, Which Supposedly No Longer Suffers from Any Problems Whatsoever

Despite the fact that we have been assured that any and all problems with Obamacare’s implementation are hereby a thing of the past, and that we were foolish to have ever thought otherwise, the fact of the matter is that problems with the health care system exist, and are growing. Evidence for this was cited in my previous blog post. And more evidence exists, courtesy of this article by Shikha Kalmia:

Obamacare Is Slowly Dying, and No One Should Be Surprised

For quite a while now, we have been assured that we as a nation are well past the early hiccups and rough patches that attended the implementation of Obamacare. From here on out, we have been promised relatively smooth sailing. Everything is fine, everyone is happy, there is nothing bad or unpleasant to see, and we can all move along. Or so we are regularly told by the president of the United States, his political allies, and fans of Obamacare in general.

Gun Policy and Intellectual Honesty

If we are going, to have ourselves a serious debate regarding guns and gun policy, it would behoove us to get the facts right. I recognize that this is a revolutionary thought in some circles, but the hardworking staff here at PejmanYousefzadeh.net does believe that certain idiosyncrasies and departures from the norm can be beneficial. And who am I to disagree with my hardworking staff?