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Ted Cruz for President

Let me start this blog post by stating that Ted Cruz was not my first choice for the Republican presidential nomination. My first choice was Jeb Bush, and even though Jeb Bush proved to be a hapless candidate, I remain convinced that he would have made an excellent president, and I think it is a travesty and an embarrassment that the Republican party was not more open to his candidacy. Of the candidates remaining, I think that Marco Rubio is the most compelling conservative candidate in a general election contest against Hillary Clinton. However, his candidacy is going down in…

Donald Trump. Again.

I know, I know, I don’t like blogging about Donald Trump either, but he hasn’t gone away yet, so I suppose that we cannot ignore him, much as I would like to. So, let’s go through some recent stories concerning Trump and his impact on our day-to-day political life, and despair for our republic in the process.

On the Confederate Flag

In the wake of the absolutely horrific shooting in South Carolina that left nine people dead, attention has swiftly turned to the display of the Confederate flag in the state, given that the murderer, Dylann Roof, was pictured wrapped in the flag, and given the (to put matters mildly) problematic history behind the flag. As anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock is well aware by now, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina has come out in favor of removing the Confederate flag. I support this move, and think it is long overdue. But no one should pretend that…

Remember: Free Trade Is a Good Thing

From a policy perspective, there doesn’t seem to be much going on that is good these days, so I suppose that when we actually do find good news, we ought to highlight it. That is what I am trying to do in this post about free trade.

Extremism in the Defense of Liberty Is No Vice. But Extremism Can Be a Vice Sometimes.

Apparently, those of us who think well of Jeb Bush–and might even formally endorse his soon-to-be candidacy for the presidency of the United States–are supposed to be deeply upset by the fact that he sometimes has nice things to say (gasp!) about the Obama administration. I recognize that candidates and campaigns get nitpicked all the time, but this latest critique against Bush borders on the absurd, and in the past, Bush himself has ably explained why:

Jeb Bush Doesn’t Have an Aura of Inevitability. And that’s Fine.

Nicholas Confessore–who in the past, has written for non-right wing rags like Salon, Washington Monthly, and The American Prospect, and who therefore may not be the most unbiased soul in the world when it comes to writing about Republicans–co-authored this piece along with Maggie Haberman in which we are breathlessly informed that not all Republicans are backing a Jeb Bush candidacy for the presidency. To which, my reply is as follows: Who bloody well cares?

We Are Not Event Close to Done with the Hillary Clinton Saga

The latest news bulletins: The National Archives now want the State Department to explain how Hillary Clinton’s e-mails ended up on a private server, instead of being collected by the United States government. It sounds as though the people from the National Archives are concerned that there might have been shenanigans afoot. Imagine that. Even Democrats want an e-mail probe. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, “nearly half of Democratic respondents – 46 percent – agreed there should be an independent review of all of Clinton’s emails to ensure she turned over everything that is work-related.” Additionally, “[t]here was also sizable support…

Jeb Bush’s Foreign Policy Fluency

Edward Luce finds much to like in Jeb Bush’s recent speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Jeb Bush knows George W Bush, he was raised with George W Bush and can safely declare that he is no George W Bush. That — in a manner of speaking — was the message the former governor of Florida wanted to convey in Chicago. Billed as his first foreign policy speech since he chose “to actively explore” a presidential bid, Mr Bush has doubtless garnered the “I am my own man” headlines he sought. Yet people listening to the detail of his address…