Quote of the Day

We know what needs to be done. Last week, finally, the United States government organized the deployment of three thousand aid workers and began marshalling a wider international response. Inside our borders, the C.D.C. has fostered a cadre of thousands of public-health professionals at the local, state, and federal levels who are ready to respond …

Ebola and the Response to Ebola

Dan Drezner writes on the international response to the Ebola outbreak, and what that response says about global health governance. The whole thing is worth reading, of course, but items 6 and 7 strike me as being especially noteworthy, if especially depressing as well.

At Long Last, a Better Brad DeLong

Be sure to read this post¬†by Brad DeLong on why we shouldn't worry about an Ebola epidemic, and why we should be tremendously displeased by our failure to stop Ebola in its tracks when we had a chance. DeLong's post is measured, reasoned, intelligent, informed, and exceedingly well-written. Credit where it is due; it adds …

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