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What to Do about Gun Control

In the aftermath of the absolutely terrible shooting in Oregon, there are renewed calls for the United States to act in order to stop gun violence and mass shootings. Unfortunately, the calls to act don’t usually come with any solutions, so the debate usually involves endless repetitions of the Politician’s Syllogism. I certainly want to try to steer the debate in a more constructive direction, but in order to actually have a constructive debate about this matter, we not only need to discuss what might work, we also need to make clear what might not work, and what might instead…

Donald Trump’s Supporters Could Not More Effectively Undermine the United States if They Were Agents of an Enemy Foreign Power

As we contemplate the completely lunatic project that is the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and as we consider the total and absolute awfulness of the candidate himself–and there is no doubt among sentient beings who have thus far successfully maintained possession of their frontal lobes that Donald Trump is a genuinely awful and despicable human-resembling-thing–we should remind ourselves that Trump’s rise in the polls and his ability to hijack the political conversation here in America would not have been possible without a significant group of followers who are, to put things mildly, entirely insane. The insanity and repellent nature of…

Hypocrisy: It Never Goes Out of Style

I look forward to the time when we will have a Republican president, and anything resembling the politicization of intelligence will be vigorously denounced by just about every media outlet in existence. But for now, we do not have a Republican president, so we have to be content with the Daily Beast’s denunciation of the politicization of intelligence:

Jonathan Pollard Should Remain in Prison, and the Obama Administration Should Stop Insulting Our Intelligence

Let’s be abundantly clear about something. Jonathan Pollard is a traitor to the United States of America, and should spend the rest of his life paying for his crimes. He inflicted catastrophic damage on American national security, he betrayed the trust of those who thought well of him and gave him access to sensitive intelligence, and if he is at all remorseful about his actions, I have yet to hear of it. And even if I do hear about it, I’ll have no reason whatsoever to believe it.

More Reasons to Dislike the Nuclear Deal with Iran

My desperate attempt to convince myself that the nuclear deal with Iran is a good one is–I am sorry to report–in the process of failing miserably. I wish that I could report otherwise, but alas, those accursed facts keep getting in the way, and keep me from liking this deal. Oh, don’t think that I will give up on my effort to feel optimistic that the nuclear agreement with Iran is a triumph of American diplomacy. I am not a quitter, after all. But stubborn as I am, and as much as I would like to persevere in my effort…

Yes, I Most Certainly Have Concerns about the Nuclear Deal with Iran

I would like to think that the nuclear deal with Iran is a good one. I would like to think that it will succeed and prevent Iran from ever becoming a nuclear power. I would like to think that it will increase regional stability and security, and that in doing so, it will increase global stability and security. I would like to think that those who staff the Obama administration–from the president on down–will be able to point to the agreement decades from now and say “we did good. We made the world safer. We have every reason to be…

Your Shot and Chaser of the Day (Mitt Romney Continues to Be Vindicated)

Shot: Governor Romney, I’m glad that you recognize that al-Qaeda is a threat, because a few months ago when you were asked what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia, not al-Qaeda . . . The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years . . . I know you haven’t been in a position to actually execute foreign policy. But every time you’ve offered an opinion, you’ve been wrong. That was President Barack Obama in his final presidential debate with Mitt Romney, and yes, the incumbent president of…

Another Diplomatic Setback (Saudi Arabia Edition)

We have known for some time that American relations with Saudi Arabia are less than ideal. Despite Barack Obama’s promise back in 2008 that he would cause people the world over–especially those people located within the borders of nation-states allied with the United States–to like us once again (presuming that we were as hated as the current president of the United States and his political friends claim we were), the Obama administration’s charm offensive clearly has not worked when it comes to Saudi Arabia. And while it is bad enough that the Saudis no longer trust us as they once…

A Status Update on Hillary Clinton’s Trainwreck of a Presidential Bid

It remains amazing that the putative next president of the United States hasn’t been laughed off of the political stage, but Hillary Clinton is still in the presidential race, and still trying to convince the rest of us that she should be in the presidential race. But whatever Clinton is selling, the rest of us should refuse to buy. As I have written many times before, Hillary Clinton has no business being president of the United States. Here are but the latest reasons why:

The Supreme Court Bats .500. Legal and Political Analysis Follows.

The United States Supreme Court has come out with two major opinions, in as many days. The first concerned Barack Obama’s health care law, and featured a bad outcome based on poor reasoning. The second concerned the issue of same-sex marriage and featured a laudable outcome based on less-than-good reasoning.