Your Good Deed for the Day

I hereby direct you to support Lawfare. As I have written before, it is one of the best and most informative sites out there, and certainly the best at discussing the intersection between law and national security policy. Indeed, Lawfare is so good, that it is routinely the subject of Denial of Service Attacks and attacks of more hawkish varieties1 launched …

A Comment on Comments

For whatever reason, the "Comments" link is not showing up at the bottom of posts--I have alerted Squarespace, my hosting company about this--but if you wish to comment on a post, you can click on the title, and Disqus should still work. So, comments are still allowed.

Lawfare Is an Example of the Best of the Blogosphere, and it Deserves Your Support

I am very pleased to note the success of Lawfare in attracting readers and in shaping the law/national security debate, and not just because I guest-blogged at Lawfare one time, or because Jack Goldsmith once had nice things to say in passing about an article I wrote. Rather, I am pleased by Lawfare's success because I …

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