Eric Posner and a Study of American Demagoguery

I am very pleased to have the unexpected and very welcome opportunity to work and write alongside some excellent folks at The Bulwark, which is doing the Lord’s work in helping to create a decent and vibrant center-right movement–one that stands in opposition to the racist and white nationalist movement currently infesting the Republican party and the modern conservative movement. (It is worth noting that there is nothing particularly “conservative” about the modern conservative movement; perhaps it should just be referred to as a reactionary movement instead.) Here is my very first article for the magazine; a review of Eric Posner’s book on the history of demagoguery in America.

I tried to end the review on an optimistic note, but I suppose that our votes for president this year will be the genuine determining factor in terms of whether we are going to be able to eliminate–or at least, substantially reduce–the presence of demagoguery in American public life.

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