Wanted: A Pro-Life Movement that Is Actually Pro-Life, and a Morality Police that Is in Favor of More than Just a Selective Application of Morality


Today, the National March for Life was held. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, that is the day when purportedly pro-life people don’t come out for increased sex education and/or increased distribution of contraceptive devices–approaches which may actually help bring down the number of unexpected and unwanted pregnancies, and relatedly, the number of abortions that occur in America.

Increased sex education and the increased distribution of contraceptive devices are not advocated at the March for Life, of course, because these approaches are opposed by social conservatives, who fear that increased sex education and the increased distribution of contraceptive devices may lead to an overly sexualized society. Mind you, these same social conservatives will listen with rapt attention to, and vigorously applaud and cheer on a speech by Donald Trump, who cheated on his wife (his third wife, it should be remembered) with porn stars four months after the birth of his son, Barron.

Because of course they will.

Oh, and need we mention that these very moral, pro-life people said and did absolutely nothing while the very moral, pro-life Congress for which they voted sat on their hands instead of re-authorizing funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program–letting the program lapse for months and putting kids in danger of losing their health insurance? Not until a government shutdown was upon us did that very moral, pro-life House of Representatives finally and cynically decide to push for funding for CHIP as a tactic and a ploy in the ongoing fight to keep the Republican party (which controls the House, the Senate and the White House) from looking bad in the event of a government shutdown. (Never mind that our very stable genius president promptly set about¬†sabotaging that tactic.)

Behold the ways in which so many people are Making Hypocrisy and Incompetence Especially Blatant Again.


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