From October, 2017

The Trump Administration Is More Incompetent than You Can Possibly Imagine, Even after Taking into Account the Fact that the Trump Administration Is More Incompetent than You Can Possibly Imagine

I suppose that it is a healthy sign for me that I continue to be amazed by the blundering, mistake-prone, disaster-inducing ways of the current administration; my constant state of disbelief and shock may indicate that my standards for competence, organization and professionalism have not been diminished. Then again, the fact that my standards–and those of others–are repeatedly being run roughshod by the worst president and administration in American history, and only the most deluded of Trump supporters (but is there anything other than a deluded Trump supporter?) can possibly think that this is a good thing.

If It Is a Day Whose Name Ends with the Letter “Y,” then It Is Time for Jane Mayer to Rail about the Koch Brothers

The latest manifestation of Jane Mayer’s Ahabesque quest to label the Koch brothers as pure evil comes in this article, in which Mayer solemnly intones about the dangers of having Mike Pence as president, and states that said dangers mainly revolve around Pence being an alleged tool of the Koch brothers. To be sure, I think that Pence is appalling, and would–at best–make a mediocre president. I would never vote for him. I had hoped that he would be one of the legendary “adults in the room,” and act as a brake on Donald Trump’s worst ambitions, but that hope…

The Trump Administration’s Raisons d’ĂȘtre: Enable Systemic Corruption at High Levels of Government, and Stoke a Cultural and Racial War

No matter how difficult it may be to keep in mind, always, always, always remember that no matter how bad the Trump administration gets, no matter how low it goes, it has further to fall, and it will get far, far worse. Put another way: The Trump administration is always worse than you can possibly imagine, even after taking into account the fact that the Trump administration is always worse than you can possibly imagine.

The Conservative Movement Descends into Utter Madness, Part Infinity (RedState Edition)

Longtime readers know that at one point in my blogging career-resembling-thing, I wrote for RedState, at the invitation of some very nice people. I enjoyed most of my time writing for the site, and met even more nice people as a consequence of my association with the site as one of its contributors. I resigned as a contributor in 2009, and since then, I have generally held my tongue regarding the evolution of RedState. In part, this was because in the aftermath of my resignation, I didn’t visit RedState all that much, so I had rather little to say about…