From April, 2016

So, Are the Koch Brothers Still Monumentally Evil?

Those who are on the port side of the partisan and ideological divide in America like to portray the Koch brothers as the source of everything bad that has ever happened to the planet, not to mention everything bad that is about to happen on the planet. This particular piece of overwrought nonsense should have been laughed out of polite company long ago, but in the event that anyone still needs evidence for the proposition that the Koch brothers are more complicated than their detractors like to claim they are, they need only read this piece:

Quote of the Day

The memos, stamped “confidential” and kept under wraps for years, portray a White House eager to assert U.S. leadership on climate change. Global warming will have “profound consequences,” one document warns, and the United States “cannot wait” until all scientific questions are resolved before taking action. The source of the memos: Not the Obama White House, but policy advisers to President George H.W. Bush. The memos were among several formerly classified documents from the Bush and Reagan administrations obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and released on Wednesday by the National Security Archive. The documents portray senior officials in…

It Is Nice that Ted Cruz Is Attacking Donald Trump. But Ted Cruz Also Helped Create Donald Trump. And John Kasich Didn’t.

So, some weeks ago, Donald Trump decided to find new lows to sink to by attacking Ted Cruz’s wife on Twitter. This caused Cruz to be (naturally and understandably) outraged, and to dispense with any notions that there could be anything resembling peace and harmony between him and Trump. As longtime spectators of the dumpster fire that is the 2016 presidential campaign are aware, Cruz had resisted efforts on the part of others to get him to attack Trump, but every person has a breaking point, and Trump helped Cruz find his by . . . well . . .…