From January, 2016

Prepare to Despair

So, we are a little over twenty four hours away from the Iowa caucuses, and it would appear that Donald Trump is set to win in my former home state; the Real Clear PoliticsĀ average of polls shows Trump ahead, and shows that he has held a consistent lead. I suppose this means more cause for me to despair. It may well be that Trump will not be the Republican nominee, but for now, he is doing an excellent job of muddling any appealingĀ Republican general election message, and helping set up the GOP to lose what should be a winnable contest…

Why Donald Trump Causes Me to Despair

Dan McLaughlin tells us that we should not despair over the continued potency of the Trump for Dictator President campaign, because there is no way that Donald Trump will actually become the presidential nominee of the Republican party. I agree that Trump will not be the Republican nominee, but there continues to be a case for despair.