From October, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Insults the Very Nation She Wishes to Lead

The putative next president of the United States has been trying recently to seem more approachable, more warm, more friendly, more of a kind-of-person-you-and-I-would-want-to-have-a-beer-with kind of politician. Presumably, achieving all of this would cause the rest of us to want to give her the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But when one looks beyond the charm offensive, one continues to find little charm, and much that is offensive.

Gun Policy and Intellectual Honesty

If we are going, to have ourselves a serious debate regarding guns and gun policy, it would behoove us to get the facts right. I recognize that this is a revolutionary thought in some circles, but the hardworking staff here at does believe that certain idiosyncrasies and departures from the norm can be beneficial. And who am I to disagree with my hardworking staff?

What to Do about Gun Control

In the aftermath of the absolutely terrible shooting in Oregon, there are renewed calls for the United States to act in order to stop gun violence and mass shootings. Unfortunately, the calls to act don’t usually come with any solutions, so the debate usually involves endless repetitions of the Politician’s Syllogism. I certainly want to try to steer the debate in a more constructive direction, but in order to actually have a constructive debate about this matter, we not only need to discuss what might work, we also need to make clear what might not work, and what might instead…