Donald Trump’s Supporters Could Not More Effectively Undermine the United States if They Were Agents of an Enemy Foreign Power


As we contemplate the completely lunatic project that is the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and as we consider the total and absolute awfulness of the candidate himself–and there is no doubt among sentient beings who have thus far successfully maintained possession of their frontal lobes that Donald Trump is a genuinely awful and despicable human-resembling-thing–we should remind ourselves that Trump’s rise in the polls and his ability to hijack the political conversation here in America would not have been possible without a significant group of followers who are, to put things mildly, entirely insane.

The insanity and repellent nature of Trump supporters has been discussed before on this blog, but while Bret Stephens is to be commended for telling us that “[i]f by now you don’t find Donald Trump appalling, you’re appalling,” we need to go further than Stephens in order to understand how Trump’s supporters helped turn the American landscape into a cross between a clown show and a night terror. One note is worth making at the outset: If in reading this post, you are led to believe that I consider Trump supporters to be beneath contempt, that’s because–wait for it!–I consider Trump supporters to be beneath contempt.

It should surprise absolutely no one that Donald Trump was the patron saint of the completely idiotic movement that would have us believe any of the following claims:

  • Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan.
  • Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim.
  • Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan atheist.
  • Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan communist atheist.
  • Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan communist Muslim.
  • Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan communist atheist Muslim.

I recognize, of course, that it is impossible to be an “atheist Muslim,” and given communism’s belief that religion is the opiate of the masses, it is also likely impossible to be a “communist Muslim,” but I also recognize that Donald Trump and his supporters are used to trying to believe six impossible things before breakfast. Intellectual coherence–never mind intellectual honesty–does not come easily to this lot, so I would not be surprised in the least if Trump and his fellow lunatics believed any number of contradictory things about Barack Obama, so long as those things all said or implied bad things about the president. Anyone who read my blog for approximately five nanoseconds catches on pretty quickly to the fact that I oppose the significant majority of President Obama’s policies, and that he has never gotten my vote. But there is a difference between opposing the president on policy, and making up completely b@t$h!+ insane conspiracy theories about the president. Donald Trump either does not understand this difference, or he pretends not to understand it. It is a safe bet that his supporters don’t even have to pretend; these folks left the Realm of Reality long ago, and they have no intention of ever coming back.

In any event, this Moment of Trumpismo (oh, dear me, I wrote a quasi-Spanish word, which means that the heads of Donald Trump and his fans are going to explode . . . hey, wait, maybe that’s not a bad thing) has been long in coming. Trump’s ridiculous claims about Barack Obama should have been laughed out of polite society immediately after they were made, and to be fair to society, it tried its damnedest to keep itself civilized and decent in the face of this onslaught against common sense. But alas, enough people believed in Donald Trump’s garbage conspiracy theories, and for those people, Trump has remained a credible political figure.

And has been noted by me and by others, Trump has remained a credible political figure despite the fact that he not only believes six impossible things before breakfast, but also despite the fact that he says a couple hundred impossible, contradictory and utterly ridiculous things before lunch. One almost wonders whether Trump gets up every day and resolves–just for giggles, or perhaps, on a dare–that he will say some things that are so crazy, so utterly stupid, that after hearing his comments, his supporters will desert him en masse, and then, after trying to drive his supporters away, he marvels that they stick with him despite intentional efforts to offend and repel them with displays of idiocy. Whether or not this is the case, it is clear to just about anyone that critical thinking is not a strong suit among Trump supporters, which means that thus far, Trump doesn’t have to worry about his supporters ever holding his feet to the fire for any of his patented sub-moronic comments.

And why would he? After all, why would sub-moronic comments offend sub-morons?

The mass stupidity of Trump supporters is matched only by their viciousness. After Erick Erickson of RedState decided to revoke Donald Trump’s invitation to address the RedState Gathering as a result of Trump’s disgusting comments about Megyn Kelly (who herself was treated horribly by Trump and his supporters because she dared to point out that Trump is a blowhard and a fool), Trump supporters lobbed every vile insult their completely inadequate brains could think of–complete with the misspellings that one would expect from this lot–at Erickson. The attacks on Erickson are appalling to behold, but insofar as they show us that Trump supporters are a bunch of wannabe-brownshirts, they are also quite revealing. It is frankly horrifying to think that Trump and his lot of goons might get their hands on actual political power, but they are doing their best to do just that. One wonders just how low they have to sink in order for them to be stopped.

I imagine that many people found themselves entirely unsurprised by the fact that Sarah Palin–yeah, she’s still plaguing the American political scene with her insistence on being relevant–is a Trump supporter, and even fancies herself as a future secretary of energy in a Trump administration. Palin’s latest skull-crushingly dimwitted comment involves her insistence that people in America should “speak American,” which of course confirms that her mental powers–such as they are–match those of the most thoughtful and intelligent of Trump voters. By now, we as a nation should have learned that if Sarah Palin endorses a certain person or policy, the smart thing to do is to back a completely different person or policy, but that lesson has obviously not trickled down to Trump supporters. Quelle surprise (oh goodness gracious, there I go writing in a language other than “American” once again).

So, here we are. The political stage in America resembles an insane asylum, Donald Trump is in charge of the madhouse, and his supporters are both inmates and assistant administrators. Whether the current lunatic moment passes or not, it is enough to be disgusted by the fact that a lunatic moment happened in the first place. It happened because Donald Trump decided to turn American politics into a sewage dump, but for all of Trump’s dedication and resources, it would not have been possible for him to make American politics into a Kafkaesque Hellpit if it were not for his singularly dumb and destructive fans. We have real and serious problems to address in this country, and those problems require real and serious solutions presented by sober and serious people. Instead, we are afflicted by the presidential campaign of a goofball who sports a bad toupée with nothing going on underneath the scalp, and the supporters of that campaign, who doubtless need to be regularly reminded to breathe, tie their shoelaces, keep from drooling in public, and refrain from dragging their knuckles on the ground while they walk. Assuming that Trump voters can read, and assuming that they have somehow made it to the end of this blog post–yes, I know that the chances of both of these things happening are really low, but hey, stranger things have occurred–I have the following to tell them in closing: Benjamin Franklin warned us that we would have a republic if we could keep it. You are doing your best to ensure that our republic is undermined, that our body politic is riddled with disease, that our problems will not only remain but worsen and fester, and that America itself will turn from being a republic into being a bad reality show.

You know, the kind of reality show your presidential candidate of choice starred in.

As the title of this blog post states, enemies of the United States could not ask for better helpers and assistants than all of you. You have already inflicted massive amounts of damage on American political discourse thanks to the marriage of your limited intellects with your raging fanaticism.

Take a bow. The rest of us will prepare for Act II of your ongoing horror show.

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