From September, 2015

In Non-Shocking News, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Has Encountered Still More Trouble

I will freely admit that despite all that has happened to her, Hillary Clinton remains in an enviable position relative to many of her rivals. I will also freely admit that the Clintons are remarkably good at surviving scandals that would destroy lesser politicians, so no matter how bad the news gets for them, their doom cannot necessarily be presumed. All of the above having been written, it is increasingly looking like Her Inevitableness will not be so inevitable:

Quote of the Day

Well, if this is the conservative movement now, I guess you’re going to have to count me out. No, I’m not making some mad dash to the center. No, I’m not hoping to be the first alternate to Steve Schmidt on Morning Joe, nor am I vying to become my generation’s Kevin Phillips. I will never be a HillaryCon. And I have no plan to earn “strange new respect” from the Georgetown  cocktail-party set I’m always hearing about but never meeting. But even if I have no desire to “grow” in my beliefs, I have no intention to shrink, either.…

And Now, an Update from Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump may be doing his best to make life miserable for Republicans, but that doesn’t mean that Hillary Clinton has had an easy time of it recently. Quite the contrary; her campaign has been busy blundering from one disaster to the next. And now, Democrats–who must be watching the Clinton campaign with a sense of horror, and must be wondering whether Clinton learned anything from her 2008 presidential run–are beginning to look towards alternatives to Her Inevitableness.

Donald Trump’s Supporters Could Not More Effectively Undermine the United States if They Were Agents of an Enemy Foreign Power

As we contemplate the completely lunatic project that is the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and as we consider the total and absolute awfulness of the candidate himself–and there is no doubt among sentient beings who have thus far successfully maintained possession of their frontal lobes that Donald Trump is a genuinely awful and despicable human-resembling-thing–we should remind ourselves that Trump’s rise in the polls and his ability to hijack the political conversation here in America would not have been possible without a significant group of followers who are, to put things mildly, entirely insane. The insanity and repellent nature of…

Donald Trump Would Be a Terrible President and He Is a Cancer on the American Body Politic

There is no limit to what one can write about Donald Trump’s deficiencies. His time in the spotlight has made it clear that he is an awful human-resembling-thing, whose presidential run is more about himself and not at all about serving the country. Every day, it seems, Trump does something to confirm the impression that as a president, he would be out of his depth, and as a candidate, his strategy is to bring out the worst in the country he claims to want to lead–apparently, even Trump knows that his best chance of winning is to appeal to our…

Donald Trump. Again.

I know, I know, I don’t like blogging about Donald Trump either, but he hasn’t gone away yet, so I suppose that we cannot ignore him, much as I would like to. So, let’s go through some recent stories concerning Trump and his impact on our day-to-day political life, and despair for our republic in the process.

(Deliberately) Don’t Know Much about History (China Edition)

I am something of a history buff (or at least, I try my best to be), so when someone gets history wrong, I tend to get . . . oh, how to phrase this? . . . annoyed. To be sure, honest mistakes are sometimes made when discussing history, and your humble servant makes those mistakes as well (too often, for your humble servant’s own tastes). But while the occasional error is understandable, when history is deliberately misread for political purposes, then the civilized response to such a misreading is–and ought to be–outrage.