From July, 2015

Another Diplomatic Setback (Saudi Arabia Edition)

We have known for some time that American relations with Saudi Arabia are less than ideal. Despite Barack Obama’s promise back in 2008 that he would cause people the world over–especially those people located within the borders of nation-states allied with the United States–to like us once again (presuming that we were as hated as the current president of the United States and his political friends claim we were), the Obama administration’s charm offensive clearly has not worked when it comes to Saudi Arabia. And while it is bad enough that the Saudis no longer trust us as they once…

A Status Update on Hillary Clinton’s Trainwreck of a Presidential Bid

It remains amazing that the putative next president of the United States hasn’t been laughed off of the political stage, but Hillary Clinton is still in the presidential race, and still trying to convince the rest of us that she should be in the presidential race. But whatever Clinton is selling, the rest of us should refuse to buy. As I have written many times before, Hillary Clinton has no business being president of the United States. Here are but the latest reasons why: