A Status Update on Hillary Clinton’s Trainwreck of a Presidential Bid


It remains amazing that the putative next president of the United States hasn’t been laughed off of the political stage, but Hillary Clinton is still in the presidential race, and still trying to convince the rest of us that she should be in the presidential race.

But whatever Clinton is selling, the rest of us should refuse to buy. As I have written many times before, Hillary Clinton has no business being president of the United States. Here are but the latest reasons why:

  • Remember how in 2008, John McCain was mocked by Democrats for not sending e-mails? Well, the latest released Clinton e-mails show that the putative next president of the United States doesn’t know how to operate a fax machine. I shudder to think how the nuclear button will be managed–or mismanaged, as the case may be. Maybe you think this particular critique is petty, gentle readers, but back in 2008, the “omg, McCain can’t e-mail!” critiques were seen as practically disqualifying when it came to McCain’s bid for the White House. Turnabout is fair play, and Hillary Clinton’s inability to operate a fax machine(!) is fair game, as far as I am concerned.
  • It ought to be noted that the Obama administration knew way back in 2009 that Clinton was using a private e-mail address. Apparently, no one thought to ask whether this was a good idea from a security standpoint, or why the secretary of state was violating the rules of her own department in using a private e-mail. Oh, and David Axelrod probably has several pairs of pants on fire.
  • Jennifer Rubin is right when she notes that the e-mails reveal Clinton “to be lacking real authority, surrounded and protected by political hacks, filthy rich and obsessed with political power. In short, this is the real Hillary Clinton.” In fact, the lack of influence that Clinton actually possessed in the Obama White House was nothing short of pathetic. “Comically, Clinton hears on the radio that there is a Cabinet meeting and e-mails to find out why she is not invited. (‘I heard on the radio that there is a Cabinet mtg this am. Is there? Can I go? If not, who are we sending?’)” We are supposed to take Clinton seriously when she says that she can be a good and effective president?
  • It seems that for the Clintons, the words “public service” are defined as “activities that allow one to make a ton of money and not feel even remotely bad about it.” Behold the latest evidence of the Clinton family stunning avarice. Since when does Chelsea Clinton–who has not accomplished a single thing worthy of note in her life–deserve $65,000 for a ten-minute talk? Can anyone justify so massive a payout for so little work with anything resembling a straight face?
  • Perhaps Democrats are beginning to realize that Clinton is, in fact, a weak candidate. Strong candidates make people want to pay good money to attend their speeches; in Virginia, Democrats had to give away free tickets to a Clinton speech, since the putative next president of the United States was having problems putting fawning audience members in seats all by herself. And Al Gore doesn’t want to endorse Hillary Clinton just yet. I know that Clinton looks dominating in the polls as things stand right now. But for a candidate so allegedly imposing, she certainly seems weak.

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