From June, 2015

More Things that Cause One to Wonder Whether the New York Times is in the Tank for Democrats

Remember this story? Sure you do. And now, there are follow ups to it! The New York Times has decided to put its clown-show act into overdrive with still more breathless reports about Marco Rubio’s spending habits. It seems that Rubio decided to use part of an $800,000 book advance in order to get himself “an $80,000 ‘luxury speedboat,’” and the Times seems to believe that this story confirms that Rubio is unqualified to be president of the United States.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

So, some Internet trolls have decided to say nasty, vile things about a judge, and they decided to say those nasty, vile things online. This, to say the least, is bad and stupid. Common sense–and time-honored Internet wisdom which is time-honored for a very good reason–dictate that the best response to this trollish behavior is no response at all. Do not feed the trolls! The Justice Department, however, is not interested in observing the dictates of common sense and/or time-honored Internet wisdom, which is time-honored for a very good reason. It has decided not only to feed trolls, but to…

Quote of the Day

It seems that not one single thing escapes the attention of hardliners in Iran, bent on using the extraordinary powers they hold to suppress every effort by Iranians to exercise their right to freedom of expression. They have even decreed that men should refrain from sporting various hairdos and—yes I am not kidding—from plucking their eyebrows, because those are considered to be indications of “devil worshipping” and homosexuality. Although such preoccupations may seem risible to some, the people who are caught up in this dragnet are suffering very real and harsh consequences. Atena Farghadani is a 28-year-old artist and women’s rights…

Edward Snowden Betrayed His Country, and We Should Thank Max Boot for Saying So

Max Boot may have attracted the ire of Glenn Greenwald for speaking the truth about Edward Snowden, but there is no shame in that. “A bit dog barks,” and as Edward Snowden’s chief apologist, Glenn Greenwald barks every time someone tells the truth about Snowden. The yelping may be juvenile and annoying, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from following Boot’s example.

Things that Cause One to Wonder Whether the New York Times is in the Tank for Democrats

The clown show that is the New York Times came out with what it believed to be a heavy breather of a story, in which Jeanette and Marco Rubio–aspiring first lady and president of the United States–are made out to be something resembling traffic scofflaws. As the Times reports, “review of records dating back to 1997 shows that the couple had a combined 17 citations: Mr. Rubio with four and his wife with 13.” Oh, my stars and garters, clutch thy pearls and get thee to thy fainting couches; the republic is clearly in danger if these two occupy 1600…