Hillary Clinton Has No Business Being President of the United States (A Continuing Series)


For any other candidate for the highest office in the land, the publication of this story should and would lead to an ignominious exit from the race:

New problems have arisen for the Hillary Clinton campaign following an exclusive interview with WMUR that aired on Sunday.

The controversy involves the sale of a Canadian company, Uranium One, to the Russian government during her time as secretary of state.

[. . .]

The question posed to Clinton during the interview with News 9 Political Director Josh McElveen focused on big money paid in the form of a $500,000 speaking fee to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, by a Kremlin bank, one of the players involved in the Uranium One deal.

Her answer is sparking major questions about her honesty and leadership.

“There’s no basis for any of that. The timing doesn’t work. It happened in terms of the work for the foundation before I was secretary of state,” Clinton said in the interview. “There were nine government agencies that that had to sign off on that deal. I was not personally involved because that’s not something (the) secretary of state did.

The question itself was born of allegations made by the conservative author of the best-selling but highly critical book, “Clinton Cash,” and on Tuesday, author Peter Shwiezer [sic] blasted Clinton’s answers on CloseUP in an op-ed that has gone national, insisting his timelines are correct, and that at the time of the sale of Uranium One, Clinton was negotiating directly with the Russian government over civilian nuclear technology in the so-called Russian reset.

“For her to claim that somehow she was not involved in this decision strikes me as extremely odd,” said Shwiezer. “If, in fact, she was not involved in this decision, it goes to the heart of leadership because the secretary of state should be the one to sign off on transferring 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russian government.”

(It’s actually “Schweizer.”) So, either Clinton was inexcusably absent when it came time to make a leadership call on this issue, or she made her presence felt by allowing a quid pro quo to take place. I can’t see a third option. In any event, no one should be comfortable with having this kind of approach to leadership in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Oh, and millennials: Clinton is not your friend. Far from it:

As the high school girl who slept in a Hillary for President T-shirt for most of 2007, cried when she conceded to Barack Obama, railed at Congress during the Benghazi hearings and was an early follower of Texts from Hillary, I took heart from the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign had created.

When Hillary announced her second run for the White House, I felt my passion for politics reignite. I quickly applied for and was offered a position as a Hillary for America fellow to work on the campaign. I couldn’t have been more excited — until I was told I’d have to move to Nevada and work full time on my own dime.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I did not apply as a routine volunteer but as a fellow. Its application process with an elaborate screening and interview process was now revealed to be an ugly lie. If Hillary hopes to inspire young people, to prove she understands our interests she should offer substance to earn our votes.

[. . .]

I had hoped a trailblazer would be more willing to break the mold of indentured servitude that haunts my generation. Finding out that Hillary perpetuates the exploitation known as unpaid internships was like discovering that Santa wasn’t real.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Unpaid work is common in campaigns, and as secretary of State, Hillary worked for the Obama administration. At the same time the administration was  cracking down on unpaid internships in the private sector, it continued not paying the 300 annual interns in the White House.

When she is not busy undermining American national security interests or putting the screws to young people, Hillary Clinton likes to exploit the sadness and grief of communities for political purposes, and she really likes being clumsy while doing it:

Hillary Clinton arrived in a private jet on Tuesday to talk race relations at a church whose rooftops can see Ferguson, Missouri. And she left some in St. Louis’s urban black community feeling cold, coming to town for a campaign speech nearly a year after the riot-inducing shooting death of Michael Brown.

In the neighborhood where Brown died in August 2014, his longtime friend Robert Nettles told DailyMail.com that Clinton’s brief visit to the scarred town is ‘just a little late.’

‘Where you been, Hillary?’ Nettles asked Tuesday afternoon. ‘It’s been ten months, girl!’

I guess the private jet must not have been available earlier.

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