I Would Call Donald Trump a Sideshow, But That Would Insult Sideshows

We Shall Overcomb Let us all collectively resolve the following: Donald Trump is a goofball and a lunatic who does not merit any attention whatsoever. To give him attention is to feed the troll, and if we have learned anything at all from being on the Internet, it is that we should never feed trolls.

If you really need to be reminded that Trump is a buffoon, read this. Also, read this. And finally, note that another buffoon has decided to say nice things about Donald Trump, which is all you need in order to run away–and run away quickly–from Trump’s candidacy. Beyond all of this, Trump is not worth my time, and he is not worth yours, which is why–God willing–this will be the last Trump-related blog post I will ever have occasion to write.

(Photo via multiple social media sources.)


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