In which Venezuela Achieves a Dubious Milestone


Q: What do toilet paper and Venezuelan currency have in common?

A: Absolutely nothing, as toilet paper is more valuable than is Venezuelan currency.

No, seriously. And of course, toilet paper is hard to find in Venezuela.

Thank goodness that the Venezuelan government is taking the responsible approach to this economic mess. Just kidding! It actually isn’t:

Some ruling-party politicians in Venezuela will stop at nothing to hide the jaw-dropping fall of the country’s currency, the bolivar, against the dollar.

The bolivar has declined 30% in the past month.

Citizens aren’t supposed to know that, but they do because of because an app called DolarToday has all the information.

President Nicolas Maduro has said the app’s very existence is “economic war” on the country, and it is banned in Venezuela. Back in March the government’s attempt to block the app also took out websites like Amazon, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Venezuelans have been getting around all of that, though, by using Twitter and other websites that pick up DolarToday’s content.

This trend led one legistlator, Juan Carlos Alemán, to suggest that Venezula should take on Google and Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox web browser.

So, the government believes that as long as its economic problems can be swept under the rug, it will no longer have any economic problems. Or something. I remember when the chavista regime in Venezuela was celebrated by left-of-center Americans because Hugo Chávez called George W. Bush names at the United Nations. Somewhere, Bush must be having the last laugh, as the American left-of-center tries to pretend that it never had a kind word to say for the Venezuelan regime, and as the regime makes a mockery of itself in the eyes of the Venezuelan people, and in the eyes of the international community in general.

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