From April, 2015

We Still Have an Employment Problem

So sayeth James Pethokoukis, and his argument is convincing. It may look as though unemployment is low, but that is only because those who are not actively searching for work, but would if their prospects were brighter, are not being counted, and underemployment (featuring those who are working part-time jobs, but who want full-time jobs) is not being factored into the picture. According to Pethokoukis, all of this “puts the ‘true’ jobless rate about 1.9 percentage points higher the official rate. So figure around 7½ percent.”

The Anti-Vaccine Movement Meets Reality

In the worst way, of course: In the ongoing skirmishes between public health officials and vaccine skeptics, I’m scoring this one for the pro-immunization forces. A Canadian woman who had declined to have her children immunized against pertussis, better known as whooping cough, has changed her position now that all seven of her children have come down with the disease. Yes, Tara Hills was stuck in isolation at her Ottawa home for more than a week with her sick children and her regrets about refusing to vaccinate them against the highly contagious respiratory disease. Whooping cough, a bacterial infection, causes violent,…

Quote of the Day

Clinton seems almost an afterthought, appearing at the end to tell viewers she is also ready to start “something new.” A new Web site and accompanying Facebook page feature old photos and a link to donate to the campaign. The announcement — designed to be as low-key as anything involving Clinton can be — contains no overarching campaign theme. Nowhere does Clinton succinctly say why she wants to be president, or why she would be good at the job. —Anne Gearan. (Emphasis mine.) What a shock.

Get Ready for Hillary Clinton . . .

Because whether you support her or not, she is getting read to run for president. We are apparently going to have a small-ball campaign that is going to be designed to make us forget that Clinton picks up massive paychecks for speaking gigs, and claimed that she and her husband were almost broke when they left the White House–so broke that they could not initially afford their mortgages (note the plural of the word “mortgage”; if you are in a position where you are complaining about mortgages, you are actually doing rather well indeed).

So, Rand Paul Is Running for President . . .

And just in time for the start of his campaign, we have a report that his father, former congressman Ron Paul, has a think tank staffed with members who work as hard as they possibly can in order to make Vladimir Putin look good:

Jeb Bush Doesn’t Have an Aura of Inevitability. And that’s Fine.

Nicholas Confessore–who in the past, has written for non-right wing rags like Salon, Washington Monthly, and The American Prospect, and who therefore may not be the most unbiased soul in the world when it comes to writing about Republicans–co-authored this piece along with Maggie Haberman in which we are breathlessly informed that not all Republicans are backing a Jeb Bush candidacy for the presidency. To which, my reply is as follows: Who bloody well cares?

More on the Nuclear Deal with Iran

I like to think that I am a fair-minded fellow, so in the interests of fairness and presenting both sides on the Iran nuclear deal, here is Fred Kaplan telling us that the framework for a nuclear deal with Iran is really and that we should be very glad indeed to have it as we work towards a comprehensive negotiated settlement. Read the whole thing, but note that even Kaplan is forced to admit that there are ways in which the new framework leaves us with more questions than answers: