Chipotle’s Absolutely Worthless Stance against GMOs

ht_chipotle_vegan_sofritas_burrito_ll_130729_16x9_992 Detailed here. Of course, it ought to go without saying that there is no scientific support whatsoever behind Chipotle’s move, but even if we put that to the side, we see that the company only serves to make itself look ridiculous with this latest publicity gambit:

Here’s why Chipotle’s move especially smells like pandering BS. For the past couple of years, Chipotle has been getting its suppliers to get rid of GM corn and soybean. Today’s “GMO-free” announcement comes as Chipotle has switched over to non-GMO corn and soybean oil, but it still serves chicken and pork from animals raised on GMO feed. (Its beef comes from pasture-fed cows.) A good chunk of the GM corn and soybeans grown in America actually goes to feed livestock, so a truly principled stance against GMOs should cut out meat from GM-fed animals, too.

Any guesses why Chipotle hasn’t stopped serving GMO-fed chicken and pork? Because it’s not economical to do so. What is good for business, though? Declaring yourself GMO-free for publicity points.

In a way, the dishonesty on display here is so emblematic of the lack of scruples and ethics shown by so many members of the anti-GMO crowd.

Just in case you need any reminder whatsoever that GMOs are not dangerous, consider the following response to the general claim that “[g]enetically modified organisms are not safe to eat, and we should avoid them”:

That isn’t true, because we don’t know that they are unsafe to eat. In fact, the vast majority of scientists (almost 90 percent!) say otherwise. The European Union funded research that concluded the same. So too did the American Medical Association. The real problem, it seems, is that few people understand what GMOs are. All corn, not merely the kind genetically modified by today’s narrow definition, is technically genetically modified, too. Still skeptical? Consider that Bill Nye, long one of GMOs biggest critics, recently changed his mind.

At least Bill Nye can now claim that he is not anti-science. Too bad that lots and lots and lots of other people can’t make the same claim about themselves.

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