The United States Senate Is about to Get a Whole Lot More Respectable

Why? Because Harry Reid–the worst Senate majority leader in history–is retiring. I imagine that there are people who will miss him, but they shouldn’t; Reid’s corruption (I’ve only cited a couple of cases here) and the incredibly nasty way he behaved towards political opponents–including the adoption of McCarthyite tactics–brought shame and disrepute upon the United States Senate. Add to all of this Reid’s gaffes, and you can plainly see–unless you are blinded by partisanship–why the Senate and American politics are better off without him.

In discussing Reid and the reasons for his retirement, let’s all make sure that we understand that he is leaving because he is afraid that he will lose the next election, and doesn’t want to suffer the ignominy of defeat. If Reid believed that he could win in 2016, he would run. His decision to retire is an indicator of cowardice, and as bullies are cowards, it ought to surprise no one that Reid doesn’t have the guts to stand and fight for re-election.

Charles C.W. Cooke gives Reid a proper sendoff. And here, we are reminded that Reid is simultaneously an awful human being and one whose gray matter is–at best–in tatters.

Good riddance indeed.

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