Ha, Ha, Ha. Funny.

Apparently, secret homebrew e-mail accounts that can be hacked, a server in your own house–where it is vulnerable to all manner of dangers–and the frustration of efforts to make the government transparent are supposed to be real knee-slappers:

Hillary Clinton opened her speech to a room full of political reporters by acknowledging an awkward, if obvious, fact: she’s not known for being media-friendly. But Monday night, she also pledged to make a change.

“I am well aware that some of you may be a little surprised to see me here tonight,” she said. “My relationship with the press has been at times, shall we say, complicated.”

The former secretary of State spoke at the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting ceremony, and her address was part olive branch—and part not-so-subtle suggestions about the need for “serious” and “substantive” journalism going forward.

“I am all about new beginnings: a new grandchild, another new hairstyle, a new email account,” she quipped, “Why not a new relationship with the press? So here goes. No more secrecy. No more zone of privacy.” (She then joked that ceremony attendees could find non-disclosure agreements under their chairs.)

Following the nearly 20-minute speech, she did not take questions.

Presumably, we are expected to find this charming.

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