Scott Walker Is the Right’s Barack Obama

One of the reasons why Barack Obama has been a successful politician is the fact that he has been fortunate in his choice of political opponents. Those opponents regularly make themselves look bad when they are seen as entertaining theories that the president was not born an American citizen, that he is a secret Muslim, that he is a secret atheist, and/or that he is a “socialist” (it really ought to be enough to say that Barack Obama is a contemporary American liberal, and run with that). To be sure, most political opponents of the president don’t subscribe to these views, but some do, and those who do are remarkably good at hijacking the microphone from those who don’t, and causing public relations disasters for the anti-Obama crowd in the process. Whether by design or inadvertently, Barack Obama drives his political opponents up the wall, and when they tell the rest of America “look how far up the wall we have gone,” the rest of America tends to look askance.

Scott Walker has the same effect on his political opponents. They and the media (but I repeat myself) absolutely cannot stand the guy, and they are willing to latch on to any story about Walker in order to discredit him. And so, we have this:

Another major media outlet has apologized after getting a story about Scott Walker wrong. Last week, it was the New York Times; now, it’s The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast has retracted an article from one of its college columnists that claimed that the Wisconsin governor’s budget would cut sexual assault reporting from the state’s universities.

The post, published Friday, cited a report from Jezebel that wrongly interpreted a section of the state budget to mean that all assault reporting requirements were to get cut altogether.

In fact, the University of Wisconsin system requested the deletion of the requirements to get rid of redundancy, as it already provides similar information to the federal government, UW System spokesman Alex Hummel told The Associated Press on Friday.

There will be more like this, of course. I suppose that it is possible that Walker’s political opponents and the media (but I repeat myself) have decided that it is a good strategy to throw everything–including the kitchen sink–at Walker, and then “apologize” when they get called out for it, in the hope that the original charges overshadow any “apology” that comes afterwards. But that would require some semblance of calm deliberation when it comes to dealing with Walker, something that his political opponents do not seem to have. Remember: These are the guys that made it necessary for Scott Walker to run three election races in four years because they tried to recall Walker almost immediately after he was elected. When that failed, they hoped that Walker would lose his re-election bid. Instead, Walker won all three races and thoroughly embarrassed his political opponents, while enacting policies that spiked the American left’s collective blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Scott Walker’s political opponents don’t just oppose Scott Walker. They hate Scott Walker with the hot fury of a million supernovae. They foam at the mouth at the very mention of the Wisconsin governor’s name. They don’t care who knows it. And Walker–who is nothing if not a very canny politician–is more than glad to let Walker Derangement Syndrome take hold among his political foes, and keep them from thinking clearly about things as a consequence.

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