Immigration Policy Blunders

For those who wonder why it is that I hate, abhor and utterly detest our current immigration policies, be sure to read this. Read it in full. Read it twice. Read it three times. Heck, read it five times; it’s that important.

Why is it that important? Because no nation, no matter how great, can continue to be great if it kicks out, rejects and punishes extraordinary talented people with laudable work ethics who want to weave themselves into the fabric of that great nation’s life, and who are willing to contribute to that nation’s continued greatness as long as they and their loved ones can live better lives in the process.

When it comes to immigration policy, the United States is like a millipede with a .357 Magnum, intent on shooting itself in as many feet as possible. To say the least, this policy stance is nothing to be proud of. But try telling some people that.

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