An Outrage in Mississippi

Carroll Frazier Landrum is a doctor in Mississippi who will see patients even when they cannot afford to pay for his services, no matter where they are, even if the meetings have to take place in Landrum’s car. He is, by all accounts, a superb physician and he is filling a need by providing his services. On these matters, there is no dispute whatsoever.

The state of Mississippi has responded to Landrum’s good work by threatening to take away his medical license. Supposedly, Landrum is “incompetent” because he sees patients in his car. The charge is ridiculous, vague and overbroad, but there you have it; since the state of Mississippi can’t conceive of a doctor’s appointment being held in a car, it is threatening the livelihood of a doctor on whom people have come to rely for exceptionally good medical care.

The following testimonial speaks to the absurdity of the situation:

I beg the state board of medicine to allow Dr Landrum to continue practicing medicine. He is one of the smartest physicians still practicing. His knowledge base is vast. His diagnosis are always on point and he refers patients and always follow up with his patients. He cares about people, about treating them. He doesn’t care about all of the billing insurances and Medicare and all of the politics associated with medicine. He just wants to help people. He is still very sharp mentally at 88 probably because he did not let all of this political monopoly on healthcare stress him out by not continuing to partake. He is 88 y/o. Let him do what he enjoys and at the same time continue to serve his community…

The smart thing to for Mississippi to do would be to pay heed to the calls of its own citizens and allow Landrum to do his work–whether or not that work is done in Landrum’s car, or in other locations that are convenient for patients. We will see whether Mississippi actually does the smart thing. But it would behoove them to do it, and to do right by its citizens in the process.

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