Trade Police and a Chance for Bipartisanship

Here’s hoping that Republicans work with the White House to bring about true and lasting trade liberalization, which can propel further economic growth. For far too long, trade pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership have languished in negotiations, and as the story points out, Republicans can help bring those negotiations to a successful conclusion by giving trade negotiators fast-track authority. Bipartisanship on this issue would be very much in the national interest; Democrats are doing all they can to kill trade deals that would benefit the economy, and if those trade deals are to pass, Republicans are the ones who will have to step up, be responsible and lead on the issue.

Trade remains the closest thing to a silver bullet for economic growth. It would be catastrophic in the long term to lose the chance to further liberalize the international trade regime, and lose the opportunity for further growth in the process.

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