Portland’s Mayor Hates His Constituents and Wants Them to Have Less Consumer Choice

That’s the only conclusion one can draw after reading this:

Uber reached an agreement with Portland to suspend operations in the city for three months while regulators work to revise rules around taxis that currently prohibit ridesharing apps.

The city agreed to let Uber resume operations after three months whether or not new regulations have been passed, said an Uber spokeswoman. The three-month suspension will go into effect on Monday, she said.

The truce comes less than two weeks after Portland sued Uber and issued a cease-and-desist order, arguing the company’s recent decision to begin its UberX service in the market violated city laws. Earlier this month, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales challenged the company in a newspaper op-ed in which he said the company was operating in its own interests at the risk of sacrificing public safety.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why Uber can’t continue to operate while new regulations–assuming that any are actually needed–are crafted. But again, we see that “[t]here’s something about Uber . . . that brings out the nutty in people.”

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