Democrats Understand How Good a Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Can Be


For Democrats, though, Mr. Bush’s step toward a campaign was cause for concern, as many said the Spanish-speaking former governor of Florida, perhaps the most electorally pivotal state in the country, would be the toughest Republican to defeat.

“I keep reminding people Michael Corleone was the younger brother of Fredo,” said the Democratic strategist Paul Begala, comparing characters from “The Godfather” to Bush family dynamics.

The dumb little cheap shot at George W. Bush aside, the excerpt is actually rather telling. Just about any sophisticated observer of politics can understand and appreciate how appealing Bush would be in any general election contest. Of course, the primaries and caucuses need to be gotten through first, and it remains to be seen whether the Republican right will actually give Bush a serious look, or just scream “RINO!” and nominate a candidate who is sure to lose the general election.

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