Charles Schumer Commits a Kinsley Gaffe

And boy, what a Kinsley gaffe it is:

Democrats made a strategic mistake by passing the Affordable Care Act, Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the third-ranking member of the Senate Democratic leadership, said Tuesday.

Schumer says Democrats “blew the opportunity the American people gave them” in the 2008 elections, a Democratic landslide, by focusing on healthcare reform instead of legislation to boost the middle class.

“After passing the stimulus, Democrats should have continued to propose middle class-oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus,” he said in a speech at the National Press Club.

He said the plight of uninsured Americans caused by “unfair insurance company practices” needed to be addressed, but it wasn’t the change that people wanted when they elected Barack Obama as president.

“Americans were crying out for an end to the recession, for better wages and more jobs; not for changes in their healthcare,” he said.

Maybe all of this is part of the “post-disaster syndrome” that is affecting relations between the White House and Senate Democrats, but then again, maybe relations are genuinely dysfunctional, and have little to do with the catastrophe suffered by Democrats during the midterm elections. If the latter, then you have to wonder what business Democrats had asking voters to keep them in charge of the Senate during this past election cycle.

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