Kevin Drum Is Fighting Cancer

I remember being invited to Kevin Drum’s house for dinner with some other bloggers back on December 13, 2003. I remember the date because it was the same day that Saddam Hussein was captured by American forces; it figures that a dinner gathering of bloggers would feature some important breaking news. But what I remember from the day was not any discussion of blogging, news, or political debates. Rather, I remember Kevin’s kindness as a host, his sincere interest in what each of his guests wrote and thought about the issues of the day, and of course, his cats, Inkblot and Jasmine, both of whom made their appearances. They were like stars on the red carpet on Oscar night.

Over the years, Kevin and I have obviously had our political disagreements, featuring each of us being exasperated with the other. But for my part, I never stopped being impressed with his writing, his analysis of the issues of the day, his ability to parlay blogging into a career, and of course, the cataloging (even if I am allergic to cats and am a dog person instead).

So our political differences notwithstanding, I consider and have long considered Kevin to be one of the good guys of the blogosphere. That is why I was shocked to read that he has cancer. Multiple myeloma, to be exact. Of course, one never wants bad things to happen to good people, so to write that this sucks is to write an understatement of a sentence.

Fortunately, Kevin’s “short-term prognosis is pretty positive.” As for the long term, I can only hope that treatment for multiple myeloma improves by leaps and bounds in the coming years, so that once Kevin goes into remission–as he is expected to in the short term–he will stay in remission. Or as James Joyner puts it, “I certainly wish the remission comes soon, the regimen is as painless as possible, and the treatment protocols improve by leaps and bounds before they’re needed again.” Indeed.

Relatedly, I would hope that everyone in the blogosphere–including those who disagree with Kevin’s political point of view–will join me in supporting him as he takes on this new challenge in his life. Again, Kevin is one of the good guys, and he deserves to have people rally around him. Some fights are more important than political ones, and Kevin is taking on the biggest fight of his life. The more we cheer him on, the more successful that fight can be.

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