Those Nasty Koch Brothers

Look what they’re up to now:

Liberals and conservatives don’t often see eye to eye on matters of constitutional rights, particularly when it comes to the First and Second Amendments.

The Sixth Amendment, and its guarantee of defense counsel, may be at least one patch of common ground.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers announced this week that it’s getting a “major grant” from Koch Industries Inc. to support the group’s indigent defense training programs and to study how states can do a better job of delivering legal services to the poor.

“We are supportive of the NACDL’s efforts to make the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of an individual’s right to counsel a reality for all Americans, especially those who are the most disadvantaged in our society,” Charles G. Koch, the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, said in a statement about the grant, which is believed to be in the six figures.

The grant comes at a time when state spending on legal defense for the poor has slumped, as Law Blog noted earlier.

How very oppressive and terrible. When, oh when will the Koch brothers stop being History’s Greatest Monsters?

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