Speaking of “Derpy” . . .

Look, I am no fan of Ron Paul’s, and I don’t take his views on monetary policy seriously. But this Paul Krugman hit piece is silly on multiple levels. You can’t criticize the content of a televised presentation when the sound is off, leaving you unable to discuss anything that was said in the presentation. If you are Paul Krugman, you are thoroughly unqualified to denounce others for being “pulled in by affinity fraud” and “liv[ing] in a bubble.” And of course, if Krugman insists on denouncing others for “liv[ing] in a bubble,” he might wish to take his own side to task, which he might learn to do if he bothered to read the content published by his own employer.

These basic facts don’t actually have to be explained to most people. But they have to be explained to Krugman. And if you recall what Daniel Okrent wrote about Krugman–that he “has the disturbing habit of shaping, slicing and selectively citing numbers in a fashion that pleases his acolytes but leaves him open to substantive assaults”–you’ll realize that the explanation will fall on deaf ears. Paul Krugman isn’t interested in being fair, honest, or open-minded. He is interested in being insulting, unfair, hypocritical, and shielded from opposing points of view that might disturb his mindscape. It’s how he makes his living, after all.

Nota bene: If the word “derpy” could be excised from our vocabulary, no one would be more pleased than me.

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