In which Socialists Learn a Lesson about Economics

The Freedom Socialist Party (yeah, I’ve never heard of them either) is advocating a $20 per hour minimum wage. But when it comes to trying to get a part-time web designer, the party is only willing to pay $13 per hour.

Asked about the discrepancy between the party’s words and deeds, “Doug Barnes, the party’s national secretary, told The Huffington Post on Saturday that the group relies heavily on donations from low-wage workers and could not afford to pay much to an inexperienced designer.”

And of course, that is entirely understandable. Why, if the minimum wage were actually raised to $20 per hour, in accordance with the party’s demands, the party may not be able to hire anyone new. And you know what? Other organizations and entities whose financial situation is similar to that of the Freedom Socialist Party might not be able to hire anyone new either, if the minimum wage goes to as high as $20 per hour.

All of which would appear to indicate that minimum wage laws can in fact adversely influence employment. Which kind of makes you wonder why there are so many people out there who claim otherwise.

Incidentally, I won’t write much about the hypocrisy being shown by the Freedom Socialist Party, and I trust that I don’t really have to. It’s self-evident, after all, no?

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