The Banality of Clinton

Hillary Clinton isn’t evil, but at the very least, she is doing a spectacular impression of someone who is just utterly vapid. I don’t know how anyone can dig up anything resembling a coherent thought from the dirt pile of words that Jennifer Rubin quoted, and I don’t know how anyone can conclude that Clinton is some kind of intellectual powerhouse; a would-be White House Mentat, just waiting to set her mind in motion by will alone. It is clear that Clinton believes she can win the White House by offering up pablum for the masses, and her soon-to-be campaign has obviously decided that to be original and intellectually daring is to risk losing. As the Clintons most certainly do not want to lose again, they have decided instead to set American intellectual discourse back a couple of centuries by running the most insipid campaign possible. Team Clinton obviously believes that by playing to the lowest common denominator, it can win the greatest prize that American politics has to offer.

The question–as I have stated before–is whether the American people are going to let Team Clinton win this way. We don’t have to, you know. We could make it clear to the Clinton campaign, and to every other campaign out there that we expect more and better from our would-be presidents. We expect them to actually excite our intellects, to renew our passion for smart public discourse, to inspire us to ask intelligent and tough questions and to demand intelligent and tough answers in return. There is a lot that is right in this country, but there is also a lot that is wrong, and that which is wrong very much needs to be addressed. Only by thinking our way through our problems will we be able to solve them.

Unfortunately, Team Clinton doesn’t appear to be interested in engaging in rigorous thinking. Rather, it seems determined to dumb down the next presidential election. Obviously, Hillary Clinton believes that we don’t deserve better than what she has to offer. Maybe, just maybe, she and her campaign should pay a price for that kind of arrogance by losing votes that they might have otherwise won, and losing out a chance to live in the White House again in the process.

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  1. “…we expect more and better from our would-be presidents.”

    The election of Barack Obama — twice! — quite clearly demonstrates the contrary.

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