The Next Time that Someone Tells You that Obamacare Is Working Just Fine . . .

Introduce them to Peter Suderman’s latest:

Startup costs associated with the law are higher than expected or previously reported, according to a Bloomberg Government report out last month. Including the price tag for an associated electronic health records program, getting up and running has cost some $73 billion so far, the study estimated.

Cancellations of individual insurance under the law, which affected millions last year despite Obama’s repeated promises to the contrary, will continue. Hundreds of thousands of cancellations, some of which are held over from last year, are expected before the beginning of 2015.

And while last year’s catastrophic health exchange failure isn’t likely to be repeated, the system remains dysfunctional. Critical back-end payment systems that were supposed to be completed last year won’t be finished until at least 2015. Many state exchanges remain troubled. Minnesota, one of the states that struggled with the task of running its own system, just lost the biggest insurance carrier on its exchange. Even Connecticut, which ran its exchange technology well enough that it is now exporting versions to other states, has had to deal with unexpected technological flaws that must be fixed before the system can be implemented elsewhere.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read the whole thing to get a full sense of how health care “reform” has led to a complete policy and bureaucratic trainwreck on multiple levels. No one–certainly no politician–can claim with a straight face that we no longer need to lose sleep over the workings of Obamacare. And if any politician tries to make such a claim, fact-checkers who are worthy of the name should come down on those politicians like a ton of bricks. It is an election year, after all.

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