A Huge Win for Marriage Equality

Ilya Shapiro reports, and points out why the Supreme Court’s decision to deny certiorari to petitioners in same-sex marriage cases was so important:

. . . Although it’s unusual for the Court to deny review in those rare cases where all parties urge it, there’s no current “circuit split” – all appellate courts have struck down the challenges to various states’ marriage laws – so the justices’ demurral signals a desire to let public opinion shift even further in favor of allowing same-sex marriage before the Court wades in with a definitive constitutional ruling. By doing so, and thereby postponing any eventual ruling (perhaps until a circuit court goes the other way, if one does), the Court is lessening the chance that its involvement will warp American legal and political discourse the way Roe v. Wade did.

Shapiro goes on to note that because of the Court’s masterful and justified inaction, “same-sex couples will be able to marry in 30 states and the District of Columbia. That’s a good thing.” Quite so.

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