Of Israel, the United States and Double Standards

As David Bernstein points out, the United States government is fond of insisting that Israel work extra-special super-duper hard to prevent innocent civilians from dying in Gaza (never mind that by stationing weapons near Palestinian civilians and turning them into human shields, Hamas actually bears responsibility for the deaths of civilians in Gaza). The problem, however, is that the United States fails to apply the same standard of care to its own airstrikes in Syria.

This, of course, is hypocrisy–pure and simple. And it is astonishing that the Obama administration has been allowed to get away with being hypocritical on this issue. I was led to understand that the allegedly all-powerful Israel lobby was supposed to prevent this kind of blatant double standard from being implemented. But we are where we are, which, if anything, indicates that those interested in having actual facts undergird the debate over the Israel-Hamas conflict, and Middle East policy in general, should welcome a more powerful Israel lobby than the one which we have now.

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