At Long Last, a Better Brad DeLong

Be sure to read this post by Brad DeLong on why we shouldn’t worry about an Ebola epidemic, and why we should be tremendously displeased by our failure to stop Ebola in its tracks when we had a chance. DeLong’s post is measured, reasoned, intelligent, informed, and exceedingly well-written. Credit where it is due; it adds a great deal to the discussion regarding what to do about Ebola.

Of course, there are others who have made points similar to those being made by DeLong. I deliberately chose, however, to highlight DeLong’s post in order to show just how valuable a blogger he can be if he takes a break from time to time from the “impeach every Republican down to George W. Bush’s auto mechanic! Do it now!” tone he has employed in the past. We’ll see if he takes my advice; I doubt that he will, but hope springs eternal.

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