Yet Another Sign that Hillary Clinton Is Running for President

Doug Schoen is a pollster who helped Bill Clinton get re-elected president in 1996, and whose partner, Mark Penn, helped advise Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign for president. Now, Schoen has written a book that blasts Barack Obama’s foreign policy, while being exceedingly careful to spare Hillary Clinton any criticism; indeed, the book apparently goes out of its way to praise Clinton’s performance as secretary of state even as it trashes her former boss’s foreign policy record.

If that isn’t a sign that Hillary Clinton is running for president, I don’t know what is. Given his ties to the Clintons, does anyone really believe that Schoen would publish his book if he didn’t have at least the tacit support of the Clintons? I mean, no one is really going to try to claim that Schoen acted without the Clintons knowing what he was up to, right?

The real question here is whether Obama loyalists in the Democratic party–yes, they do exist, and there are a sufficient number of them–are going to take this kind of behavior lying down. Hillary Clinton was humiliated after her loss to Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, and yet, despite a bitter and nasty race for the nomination, the president gave her a chance to serve as his secretary of state–a plum, high profile, substantive opportunity to burnish Clinton’s credentials by making her a player on the world stage. And this is how Clinton–and her peeps–repay the president. Everyone who knows anything about politics already knows that the Clintons primarily look out to themselves, and that their number one loyalty is to themselves. But that doesn’t make Schoen’s gambit–and the Clintons’ likely advance knowledge and approval of that gambit–any less breathtaking in its treachery. Is this the kind of behavior that Democrats–at least those who remain loyal to President Obama, and again, there are a sufficient number of such Democrats to constitute an important force within the party–really want from the putative next president of the United States?

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