Hillary Clinton Continues to Live Down to Expectations

The riots in Ferguson have brought to the forefront issues concerning race relations in the United States, police brutality, the possible over-militarization of police, crime, violence and the fragility of First Amendment rights of free expression.

And naturally, Hillary Clinton has absolutely nothing whatsoever to say about the entire matter.

Not that anyone should really be surprised anymore; Team Clinton apparently continues to believe that its candidate is the overwhelming favorite to become the next president of the United States (even if the rest of us are strongly entertaining doubts on that matter). As such, Team Clinton doubtless also believes that its candidate can continue to avoid taking courageous stances one way or another on the difficult topics of the day, and that indeed, to take courageous stances on difficult topics of the day might be counterproductive, because it might involve alienating potential supporters. I mean, God forbid that the potential next president of the United States should actually take leadership positions that might indicate that she actually is up to the job of being the next president of the United States. What kind of republic with democratic characteristics would we be if something as revolutionary as that were to happen?

At some point, Clinton supporters may wish to ask themselves whether this brand of vanilla leadership (emphasis on the word “vanilla;” I am not sure that we can refer to Clinton’s activities as constituting “leadership”) is really the best that we can possibly ask for. I know that there are a lot of people who are devoted to the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency. But they should be devoted to the country first, and quite frankly, the country deserves better than this.

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