In which We Are Reminded that Obamacare Is Still Bad Policy

Be sure to check out this very interesting piece by Michael Warren, which reveals that the National Treasury Employees Union–do I really need to point out that the union is no pawn of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?–is very, very, very upset with House Republicans, as House Republicans have put forth a bill that would “require most federal employees to leave the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program…and instead join health plans established under the Affordable Care Act.”

I keep hearing that Obamacare is the greatest thing to happen to the universe since the Big Bang itself, so of course, you can appreciate how amazed I am that federal employees keep saying that they want absolutely no part of it whatsoever.

While we are discussing Obamacare, do take the time to read this excellent piece by Timothy Carney. As you do, bear in mind that during the debate over Obamacare, we were repeatedly assured that implementation of the administration’s health care “reform” initiative would mean cost savings for Americans. Carney’s story–which, I daresay, is hardly unique–shows that Obamacare can easily serve as a wallet-drainer for American households.

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