More Evidence that Paul Krugman Is a Partisan Hack

Behold. As though more evidence were actually needed.

By the way, at times like this, it is worth remembering that Krugman burst onto the scene as a superstar economist because of his work regarding international trade theory. Credit where it is due; that work is actually quite good and I agree with the basic thrust of Krugman’s arguments on the issue. Indeed, Krugman’s contributions to the development of trade theory were what won him the Nobel Prize–an award that was entirely warranted and justified as far as I am concerned.

It would have been nice if Krugman picked up a hint from his own professional successes and stuck with writing and talking about what he knows in his work as a pundit. Unfortunately, as best as I can tell, Krugman let those successes go to his head, and now believes that because of past plaudits, he is justified in excoriating his political opponents with whatever nonsensical arguments that might be available, and might take up space in his brainpan. I’m sure his fans appreciate the fact that Krugman often pontificates as though he is close to frothing at the mouth. But unless motivated cognition and confirmation bias turn you on, Krugman’s turn as a pundit must strike one as being a really appalling show.

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