Summing Up Jonathan Alter

A know-nothing when it comes to economics and a McCarthyite when it comes to discourse. The notion that corporations and other businesses now have to take “loyalty oaths” so that they will be prevented from acting rationally in the face of ridiculous and onerous taxes and tax policy insults the intelligence of just about everyone, but it is of a piece with desperate White House attempts to demagogue the economy and economic policy in advance of the 2014 midterm elections. Democrats still don’t have any kind of economic record worth boasting about to the public, and the midterm map looks to be a bad one, so naturally, it is time for the president and his allies–and let there be no misunderstanding; Jonathan Alter is a loyal ally of this president who shapes his journalistic works to advance the White House’s agenda–to gratuitously beat up on corporations (again) in order to get votes. This does nothing to improve the lives of the American people, but as far as this president and his boosters are concerned, improving the lives of the American people is not the point of this little exercise.

Someday, I would like to have a president who tries to formulate and implement rational economic and tax policies, instead of just playing to the lowest common denominator. I guess I have to wait until at least January 20, 2017 before I get one.

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