Alternative Realities I Can Believe In

Let’s all be clear about something: While Mitt Romney is a good man, and while I believe that he would have been a good president, the fact of the matter remains that he was a terrible candidate. He failed to connect to the middle class, he lacked the killer instinct needed to defeat an incumbent presiding over a lousy economy, and to say that he made comments that came back to haunt him is to engage in the understatement of the millennium.

And yet, if the election were held today, Mitt Romney would beat Barack Obama. Handily.

Yes, polls like these should be taken with some grains of salt, as the story notes. But not much salt. The president’s second term is not amounting to much, and Americans increasingly wish that they voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Of course, this does not take away from Barack Obama’s victory in 2012, but there is very clearly a lot of buyer’s remorse going around. The Republican party has a lot of structural issues that it needs to address before it becomes a consistently winning player in American politics. But it seems as though the Obama administration is out to make the GOP’s renaissance more likely.

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