Hamas Places Rockets in UNRWA Schools

The United Nations Relief Workers Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has schools in Gaza. Hamas has decided to place rockets in those schools. No, Hamas is not expressly named in the UNRWA denunciation (it constitutes cowardice for UNRWA to fail to denounce Hamas by name), but no one else is placing rockets amongst Palestinian civilians and deliberately putting them in danger in order to score some kind of propaganda coup against Israel. I am sure that there are some lunatics who will claim that Israel placed the rockets so that international community can blame Hamas, but I trust that the vast majority of people out there–and certainly just about all of this blog’s readership–won’t take such deranged claims seriously.

It really does give one an idea of just how incredibly monstrous Hamas is that they would deliberately and regularly endanger the very Palestinians it purports to champion. I know that there are those who try to find moral equivalence between Israel’s actions and those of its enemies. That job was never easy to begin with, and it just got harder. Between Israel and it’s enemies, there can be no doubt whatsoever that the former has much more respect for innocent human life than does the latter.

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