Your Good Deed for the Day

I hereby direct you to support LawfareAs I have written before, it is one of the best and most informative sites out there, and certainly the best at discussing the intersection between law and national security policy. Indeed, Lawfare is so good, that it is routinely the subject of Denial of Service Attacks and attacks of more hawkish varieties1 launched at the site and its authors; my philosophy is that if you are scaring the benighted, you are definitely doing something right, and Lawfare certainly qualifies on that score.

So, give to Lawfare! It will be exciting to see how the site evolves, and I am glad that there are so many dedicated and talented people working on the site who aim to leave us better informed than they found us on the subject of law and national security issues.

1. As mentioned in the link footnoted, “I have cited and written favorably about Lawfare in the past. I have also had one of my essays called “thoughtful” by Jack Goldsmith, and I have guest-posted for Lawfare as well.” You can read the rest of my disclaimer at the link, but those are the pertinent parts, I believe.

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